KARI Recipients of Grill’d Donation for Two Years Running

Grill’d Burgers love giving back to their local communities. It is this motivation of giving back that brought the Local Matters Initiative to life. Local Matters is Grill’d’s community donation program. Every month, each of their restaurants donated $500 back into their local community.

Every month they support three local community groups. Each group has a jar with its name and a brief description about them placed at its local Grill’d.

Each customer who dines at Grill’d is then given a token. This token gives them the chance to give back to a local group or cause that’s doing some pretty awesome things in their area, by placing their token in their jar of choice, they give that group their vote. At the end of the month the $500 is split between the three groups. The group with the most tokens receives $300 and the other two groups receive $100 each, so everybody gets something.

So far, KARI has received two cheques, each to the value of $100, as part of this Local Matters Initiative. While these amounts donated are not large, the value of telling our story to the community and receiving their votes is priceless.