2017 KARI Carer Awards

The 2017 KARI Carer Awards took place on Friday 25th August at the Revesby Workers Club. There were 165 carers in attendance with 235 children and young people also there on the night to enjoy fun-filled activities while their carers enjoyed the formalities.

This year our carers across all three regions were recognised with the following awards:

  • Carer of the Year –  all regions
  • Carer of the Year – staff choice
  • Carer of the Year – kid’s choice
  • Carer of the Year – carer’s choice
  • Commitment to Training – all regions
  • Respite Carer of the Year – all regions
  • 5 Year Service Award
  • 10 Year Service Award
  • 15 Year Service Award

While the carers enjoyed a three course meal, the children and young people had hours of fun playing bingo and ten pin bowling. They also enjoyed tricks and magic from a roving magician.

The highlight of the night was presenting a carer with our first-ever 15 year service award to a couple who have been with KARI since the very beginning.

The KARI Carer Awards are so important so that our carers feel valued and appreciated. The awards are an opportunity to honour their commitment and accomplishments throughout the year.

See some photos from the night below.

KARI-Carer-2017--4 KARI-Carer-2017--5 KARI-Carer-2017--6 KARI-Carer-2017--7 KARI-Carer-2017--10 KARI-Carer-2017--11 KARI-Carer-2017--12 KARI-Carer-2017--16 KARI-Carer-2017--20 KARI-Carer-2017--21 KARI-Carer-2017--22 KARI-Carer-2017--24 KARI-Carer-2017--26 KARI-Carer-2017--29