Community Cultural Camp Keeps Youth Connected

The latest Community Cultural Camp was held from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September 2017 at Vision Valley Conference and Recreation Centre, Arcadia.

There was a great turnout with 20 children registered for the camp.

During the camp the children and young people enjoyed a number of activities including:

  • Making damper ‘snakes’ by an open fire
  • Cultural Workshops presented by Peter Cooley from First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation
  • Dance Workshop with Darren Compton
  • Live native animal displays
  • Creating sand art
  • The KARI Amazing Race Challenge – the children and young people put their cultural knowledge and skills to the final test!

The workshops presented by Peter Cooley provided the participants with an opportunity to express themselves and their cultural knowledge through a variety of hands-on and artistic mediums. In particular, an activity where participants had to design a unique and personal piece of wood based work, reflecting what is important to them or showcasing a story that they had developed using cultural symbols.

This activity proved to be a highlight amongst our participants regardless of their ages. They were engaged and proud to share their work with the group during group discussion following the hands on component.

These camps provide Aboriginal children and young people aged 8-18 years with a unique opportunity to experience their culture through a variety of activities and knowledge based hands-on workshops.

They provide an opportunity for Aboriginal children and young people to expand upon their cultural knowledge in a safe and contemporary setting and enable them to expand their social inclusion networks with other young people from within their local community.

You can view some photos from the camp below.

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