Indig Art Program Continues with 8-week series of workshops

The current Indig Art program is underway at Thomas Acres Public School with artist Danielle Mate facilitating the eight-week series of workshops. The purpose of this program is to teach Aboriginal school students about Aboriginal Art, both traditional and contemporary. The program aims to provide students with the skill set to teach other members of their school community what they have learnt. It also allows them to build their confidence in the creative arts industry.

This program has been running for approximately five years at KARI in various formats. These include in-house and externally for the community and as part of our Vacation Care programs. It is also available to elders groups and school groups (both primary and secondary).

This program is hugely important as art is another medium for Aboriginal people to tell their stories. It allows them to share their life experiences through the use of symbolism. Traditional Aboriginal art uses symbolism to tell stories, meaning art is more than just putting paint to canvas. There are much deeper cultural meanings when it comes to Aboriginal art.

This program is also used to promote the MIL-PRA Art Competition and Exhibition with many participants entering their artworks over the years. The program is a fantastic way to promote the exhibition and creative arts to Aboriginal people.

By Lauren Drayton