Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food a Hit with Community

The latest installment of KARI’s fresh Cooking Program concluded on the 20 July. The program was hosted at Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food in Wetherill Park. Nine participants completed the seven-week course, which was aimed at increasing each participant’s knowledge around healthy eating and food preparation. Those taking part also had the opportunity to whip up some culinary magic of their own in the state-of-the-art kitchen.

The course started with the basics with the group learning how to make eggs five ways. As they progressed they moved on to more involved recipes such as spaghetti with homemade meatballs. The final class taught participants how to cook a roast chicken and vegetables. The recipes that were created were popular, basic recipes that were cost effective and could feed a large family.

Cooking Program (2)

At the end of the program each participant received a congratulatory gift, consisting of a 14-piece Raco cookware set and a copy of Jamie Oliver’s DVD Save with Jamie.

For a few of the participants this was the first time that they had accessed a KARI program and they were very impressed with the contents and execution of the course. They were especially appreciative of the gift they received.

This program has been running for just over a year, with our pilot program launched in June 2015. The team are currently looking at dates for the next installment of this exciting and popular program.

By Lauren Drayton