KARI’s Transition to School Program Graduation Commences

KARI’s Transition to School Program ran this term for kids starting primary school next year.

Throughout the program, the children worked hard on building a different range of skills. These skills included:

  • oral language skills
  • knowledge of print concepts
  • phonological awareness skills
  • fine motor skills, pencil and scissor skills
  • self-help skills
  • listening and attention skills.

    They learnt how to make playdoh, read lots of books, grown plants, created craft masterpieces, made friends and best of all – had a lot of fun!

The program concluded on 19 September with a graduation ceremony where we celebrated the kids’ wonderful achievements. Graduates carers and caseworkers were in attendance on the day.

Fifteen graduates attended the ceremony. Each wore a cap and gown and received a graduation certificate, as well as a KARI backpack, fully equipped with books and school supplies to make sure they had what they needed to start primary school in the New Year.

Some of our graduates loved the gowns and hats and cameras, while others proved to be a little camera shy. One graduate was especially excited and proclaimed to the crowd that we wanted to be a fireman when he grew up.

Congratulations to all of the graduates for this instalment of the Transition to School Program! We are very proud to see these children grow and prosper as they prepare to enter the next stage of their young lives.

The Transition to School Program runs three groups each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with five children per group. The program runs for 10-weeks during the school term.

By Charlotte Long