The Positive Impact of KARI’s Family Camp

KARI’s Family Camp took place from 11th – 13th November at the beautiful Stanwell Tops. Set on 200 acres of pristine bushland, nestled above Stanwell Park Beach and one hour south of Sydney, The Tops Conference Centre was the ideal venue for our carers and the children and young people in their care to enjoy a weekend away.

This year, camp goers were given the chance to participate in several activities including:

  • Amazing Race
  • Family Photo Booth fun
  • Scrapbooking
  • Cultural Cooking
  • Cultural Stories
  • Nature walks
  • Basketball
  • Puzzles
  • Carer Workshops and much more!

“A highlight of the camp was when the sun came out and all the children had a lot of fun in the pool,” said a KARI Caseworker. “It was raining heavily on Saturday morning so this was an unexpected bonus!”

The positive impact on the children and young people who attended was clear. Aside from having a lot of fun, they also learnt new skills, particularly regarding teamwork, sharing and communicating with others. They also spent quality time with their siblings and carers, which there isn’t always enough time for in their busy lives. The older children also had a sense of responsibility as role models to the younger children, and played important roles in caring for their younger siblings and friends.

“The camps are important as they’re a great way for carers to receive carer training in an informal environment, surrounded by familiar faces and other carers who are experiencing the same things and emotions as them,” KARI Caseworker continued. “It’s a great way for carers to get together to offload, offer advice to each other and have fun in a safe and secure environment, where family time is the number one priority.