KARI and Yabun Partnership Announced for 2017

KARI is excited to announce its recent partnership with the Yabun Festival. Run by Gadigal Information Services Aboriginal Corporation, the festival is in its 14th Year.

About Yabun
First held at Redfern Park in 2003, Yabun Festival continues in the tradition of Aboriginal ‘Survival Day’ gatherings. These gatherings, held to coincide with Australia Day, have occurred throughout the country since as early as the 1930’s, and seek to commemorate, bring attention to, and celebrate the survival of Australia’s Indigenous cultures in the face of European invasion.

Starting out with a single stage and under 10 stalls, Yabun quickly grew to become Sydney’s major Survival Day event, eventually moving to its current home in Victoria Park, Camperdown, where it now features two performance stages, over 100 stalls, and a wide range of festival components.

The event provides a positive social space for audiences to celebrate, share, and immerse themselves in the world’s oldest surviving culture.

Who runs it?
Since its inception, Yabun has been run by Gadigal Information Service Aboriginal Corporation (GIS). GIS was established in 1993 in Redfern as an Indigenous arts and media organisation. The inner Sydney suburb of Redfern has long been the home of one of the city’s largest Aboriginal communities, and a focal point for Indigenous gatherings, protests and celebrations.

GIS continues to operate from its studios and offices in Redfern where it maintains close ties with the local Aboriginal community, and is recognised as being an important community asset and platform for Indigenous expression and artistic development.

KARI are committed to supporting community events and organisations that not only benefit and educate the Aboriginal community, but also unite it with the non-Aboriginal community. The Yabun Festival provides an excellent platform to do just that.

KARI staff will be running a stall on the day, celebrating culture with the community. We look forward to this partnership and hope you join us in Victoria Park on the 26th of January.

To find out more about the Yabun Festival head to http://yabun.org.au/

*General information about Yabun source: http://yabun.org.au/about/