KARI’s very own Indigenous Women’s All Star

KARI Caseworker Briony Livingstone is an example of such success and achievement. Briony was recently selected for the Indigenous Women’s All Star team, a phenomenal achievement and accolade for a young Indigenous woman.

Here at KARI we celebrate the many success stories and achievements in the Aboriginal community. It is important that we acknowledge these accomplishments and recognise the hard work it takes to get there.

We sat down with Briony and asked her about her new adventure since making the team.

Q. What does it mean to you to be selected for the Indigenous Women’s All Stars team?

A. It means a lot to me to make the Indigenous Women’s All Stars team, it has always been a goal of mine since the Indigenous Women’s All Stars vs Women’s All Stars fixture was introduced to the women’s league. It also means a lot to me that my family and community have been very supportive and proud of my achievement.

 Q. What are you most excited about being a part of the team?

A. I am excited about having the opportunity to take to the field alongside some of the country’s best Indigenous players. It’s also been exciting knowing that I have been given the opportunity to represent my mob in a sport that I love.

Q. Can you tell me a little bit about your sporting background?

A. I wasn’t really into any sports until I was 15 years old and I watched a local U18’s girl’s Rugby League game. After watching that game I knew instantly that I wanted to play. I signed up the following week and have been playing for the last eight years.

Q. What impact has being involved in sport had on you and your life

A. Rugby League has had a massive impact on my life. I consider myself lucky as I have a Rugby League orientated family who not only push me to train and keep my fitness up, but are also there to pick me up when times get tough. I have learnt a lot over the years personally and professionally, which l credit to the players and managers I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by.

Q. Why do you think it is important as a female to receive this recognition?

A. Women in sports need more recognition as it shows equality. Women’s Rugby League barely receives recognition or media attention compared to the men’s, but we are out there doing the same job. The only difference is we don’t get paid to play – we play for the love of the game. If we received more recognition it would not only help promote women in sports, but also give our younger girls a stepping stone towards one day have the ability to play at the same level as the men.

Q. What advice would you give other young Indigenous women looking to achieve something like this themselves?

A. My advice for young Indigenous ladies is to go for it! You have nothing to lose and only experience to gain. I also think some of the most important tools you need to go in the right direction are to have the right mindset and support around you. I doubted myself many times and a few times nearly gave up, but with a little encouragement and support from my family and friends, it helped me maintain my drive and passion to want it more.

Q. What’s on the horizon for you now being a part of the Indigenous Women’s All Stars team?

A. I hope it doesn’t end here. Achieving my goal has been an amazing experience and I am still buzzing about it. It has given me the drive to go further and hopefully have a chance of making the Australian Jillaroos.

Briony is a proud Kamilaroi Aboriginal woman who is leading the way in both her professional and sporting aspirations. Her passion and drive is evident in her dedication to achieve her goals and she is a fantastic role model for the Indigenous community.

Congratulations Briony – the team at KARI are immensely proud of you and your achievements! We wish you all the best for the 2017 season.

Catch all the action live on NITV on Friday 10th February from 5pm AEST.