KARI Partners with Property Industry Foundation

KARI is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Property Industry Foundation.

The mission of the Foundation is to “make a tangible difference to the serious and persistent problem of youth homelessness”. They achieve this by partnering with charities like KARI to build safe environments and support initiatives focused on education, employment and well-being. The KARI House and Leaving Care Program are a fantastic match to the goals of the Property Industry Foundation and we are thrilled to be partnering with them on such a great initiative.

This brand new program will assist children and young people in our care as they prepare to transition out of the service, by providing them with essential life skills and access to important resources. The Foundation has already played a significant role in this program and have committed to funding KARI’s Leaving Care Coordinator position for the first year. The Leaving Care Coordinator plays a crucial role in the success of the program but assisting residents of the house with various life skills, and helping ensure that they all go on to lead positive and bright futures.

Marketing and Partnerships Manager, Mia Matheson, says that partnering with the Foundation was a no brainer, “the team at the Property Industry Foundation are extremely passionate about giving back to the community and this program was a perfect fit in achieving our shared missions. We are honoured to work with them now and in the future we know that this partnership will be an exciting one”.