KARI Offers Financial Counsellor Service to Community

KARI’s Community Programs Financial Counsellor is onsite at our head office in Liverpool one day each week.

The main aim of offering the KARI Financial Counsellor is to support members of our community to better understand their finances and to assist them in developing strategies to assess and maintain their finances independently.

The service is targeted at Aboriginal community members across South West Sydney who are struggling to manage their finances.

The Financial Counsellor offers a number of services including:
  • Money management
  • Negotiations with creditors on behalf of the client
  • Financial skill development
  • Financial case management.

The service has been offered for just over a year now. It has been provided by various members of the Community Programs team. We are excited to have recently employed a dedicated Financial Counsellor on an ongoing basis.

The KARI Financial Counsellor achieves a number of outcomes for members of the community. Debts are waived, repayment plans put in place, and clients are educated to give them the knowledge they need to avoid falling into further debt. It also enables the identification of surplus funds for clients to allow them to purchase necessary household items and maintain a higher quality of life free from financial stress.

Overall, the aim of the Financial Counsellor is to educate and improve financial literacy for our community. This is a service which KARI is passionate about promoting.