Funding Received to Launch KARI Cultural Therapeutic Camp

KARI recently received much-needed funding to launch a brand new program – The KARI Cultural Therapeutic Camp.

The KARI Cultural Therapeutic Camp is aimed at young, Aboriginal males aged 14 to 18 years who are currently situated in foster care placements within KARI. The aim of the camp is to reduce risk taking behaviour and provide support around mental health and male mentoring. The participants chosen will reside in the South Western, Western and Metro Sydney regions.

There will be between 8 to 10 participants per camp. These participants will be identified by KARI staff to be demonstrating at risk behaviour. They will benefit with guidance and extra support from male role models and mentors.

The camp will be run over three days and two nights. It will be held twice a year in one of the National Parks within two to three hours’ from Sydney. The location will depend on the time of year and availability, as we would like participants to experience a true bush experience away from other campers.

Participants will be accompanied by mentors and taught about living off the land and how to survive in the bush. This program will give these young men a chance to reflect on personal challenges. They will be away from all technology and other modern distractions.

The camp is designed to challenge the attitudes of the participants and build a strong support network of positive male role models. Another important aspect of the camp focuses on increasing cultural connectivity. This support network is meant to help these participants learn the life skills needed to work through their personal barriers in order to prevent them from engaging in risk taking behaviour in the future.

We look forward to reporting on the first instalment of the camp later in the year.