IKEA Donates Plush Toys to KARI

In June, 2017, KARI had new children’s toys and books donated by IKEA in Marsden Park.

The team at Marsden Park had heard about KARI through Hardeep Girn, CEO of Know My Group, and decided that KARI would receive this year’s donations.

KARI’s Head of Marketing & Fundraising, Mia Matheson, headed out to the store to pick up the carload of donations to meet the friendly team at Marsden Park. Matheson has said:

“It’s fantastic to connect with IKEA. We are very grateful to receive such great toys and books. We know will bring much joy to kids across our programs”, she said.

Marsden Parks Marketing Manager, Jennifer Rapicano said:

“At IKEA we strive to create a better everyday life for the many people and at Marsden Park we love connecting with charity organisations like KARI that give back to the community in a special way.”