VIP Students Meet Governor’s Wife

The students in KARI’s Vocal Identification Program (VIP) have been exceptionally busy participating in some exciting events over the past month, including performing for the Governor’s Wife.

On Friday 21st July, 17 members of the group participated in the VIP Recording Day. The day was a chance for the students to come together and record their group song in preparation for the VIP Showcase Concert, which is taking place this evening.

Students had the opportunity to record in a professional studio with state-of-the art equipment. This day also gave students the chance to rehearse their group numbers that would be performed at the concert.

Governor's Wife

The students spent the first part of the recording day reviewing and practicing their group piece. They then broke into smaller groups in order to record more effectively. While one group was in the studio the other group used the space to rehearse.

Governor's Wife

A photographer was onsite throughout the day to take professional shots of the students, which will be used for the concert program.

Governor's Wife

At the end of the day, all participants came together to review all of the songs that will be performed as a group at the concert.

Another exciting day was spent at Government House on Tuesday 25th July, where 13 of the students enjoyed a morning tea with Governor’s wife Mrs Hurley.

This rare opportunity came about following the VIP performance at the National Australia Day Luncheon. Mrs Hurley was so impressed by the students’ performance that she invited them to Government House for a sing-a-long and so that the group could teach her the National Anthem in Dharawal Language. This was the first time that Dharawal language had been sung in Government House, which was a very moving and special moment for all that participated.

The VIP students received an official welcome and thank you from Mrs Hurley to Government House.

One of the students, Hamani Tanginoa, then had the chance to thank Mrs Hurley for the opportunity and present her with a small gift.

The students then presented Mrs Hurley with her own song book, which included all of the group songs that the students perform, as well as the National Anthem in Dharawal Language.

Governor's Wife

Mrs Hurley began the sing-a-long by teaching the kids her favourite song You Are My Sunshine. The students then continued the sing-a-long by performing some of their group numbers. This portion of the morning tea ended with the National Anthem in Dharawal Language. The students taught Mrs Hurley the lyrics in the Dharawal language, which she picked up quite well.

Governor's Wife

The students were then invited to enjoy some morning tea on the verandah. This was when they had the opportunity to speak to Mrs Hurley about the program as well as explain what it means to them.

As the morning tea drew to a close, Mrs Hurley insisted on taking the students on a tour of Government House. This tour included climbing the turret at the very top of the building to enjoy the amazing views of Sydney Harbour.

The students felt extremely privileged to have been given this opportunity. The main highlight for them was being able to teach Mrs Hurley the National Anthem in Dharawal Language. The group felt extremely proud to share their culture with her.