CEO Message – August 2017


Over the past month, we have been honoured to see our staff and programs showcased in a number of ways. Firstly, our wonderful clinicians from the KARI clinic had a research paper published in the Wiley journal. The paper explores the diverse needs of Aboriginal children in Foster Care and the characteristics that contributed to children and young people doing well. We are very lucky to have such skilled staff at KARI and we are very proud of the team for this great achievement.

The young people in our Aboriginal Vocal Identification Program (VIP) were recently invited to a morning tea and singalong at Government House by the Governor’s wife, Mrs Hurley. Mrs Hurley and the Governor attended the National Australia Day Luncheon in January, where KARI was an official Community Partner. Mrs Hurley was inspired by the group’s performance of the National Anthem in Dharawal Language. We are so pleased that this connection was made and it was a very special day for all involved.

This month’s achievements really are a testament to the level of service that KARI continues to offer and we are excited to continue this growth to cement our place as one of the nation’s leading Aboriginal service providers.

Paul Ralph