KARI Announced as NSWRL Official Indigenous Community Partner

KARI CEO Paul Ralph (left) and NSWRL CEO David Trodden (right) agreeing to a long-term Centre of Excellence partnership.

The New South Wales Rugby League and KARI have strengthened their relationship, with KARI agreeing to a long-term partnership in the NSWRL Centre of Excellence, due to be completed at the end of 2018.

The partnership will see the KARI Foundation based at the NSWRL Centre of Excellence and will also see NSWRL and KARI using their combined strength and reach for delivery of important community programs.

NSWRL CEO David Trodden said he is delighted that KARI has agreed to be the official Indigenous community partner of the NSW Blues.

“It’s an acknowledgement of the special relationship between the two organisations that keeps growing. It also showcases our commitment to increasing support for Aboriginal people and communities in the future,” Trodden said.

“Combined, both agencies have already delivered some great results for young Indigenous people. They have also delivered for communities all over NSW through the vehicle of Rugby League.

“By now combining our resources under the one roof, we have the opportunity to deliver far more reaching and long-term community outcomes beyond our current scope.”

KARI CEO Paul Ralph said that KARI is very excited and extremely proud to be a community partner of choice with the NSWRL.

“For a number of years now, we have been working together in a combined effort. This is to provide benefits and opportunities for Aboriginal people and communities all over NSW. This new agreement reinforces our combined commitment to see Aboriginal people and communities grow. We also want to see communities prosper in the future,” Ralph said.