KARI Announces New Community Grants program

KARI is proud to announce that we are introducing a new Community Grants program. We feel it’s time to expand our reach that’s been cultivated over the last 19 years.


The benefits and programs that we offer remain an important aspect of KARI. Supporting community capacity building and providing access to new opportunities for Aboriginal people who require a helping hand is very important to us and what we do.


The KARI Community Grants Program during 2018 will have dedicated funding rounds which target specific areas. The new areas are sport, arts, community capacity building and new enterprise.

The funding provided will remain capped. However, with new strategic corporate partnerships, we can increase our ability to reach more communities.

The Community Grants is designed to showcase Aboriginal excellence and the benefit to an individual, group and our communities. As there’s a new grant, there is also new rules that need to be followed.  Grant recipients are expected to sign and follow a tailored code of conduct that ensures a positive inclusive cultural environment for everyone.