Surf Educators International teaches KARI kids about the ocean

The instructors over at Surf Educators International recently ran a free program for the children and young people in KARI’s Out of Home Care.


A small group of young people visited Bondi Beach for the day. The two qualified surf instructors taught them practical surf skills and water safety.

These wonderful instructors gave up their time to teach the group about surf safety and awareness.

The program addressed a number of water-wise topics including:
  • Rip identification and survival by demonstration
  • Still water assessment and basic survival skills
  • Paddling a foam surfboard and catching waves
  • Surf negotiation and body surfing


National Operation Manager at SEA Australia Jono Stock explained the benefits of the program.

“Our first priority is to ensure the students are well enough equipped to understand beach and surf conditions and variations, particular potentially dangerous rips,” said Stock. “Our session provided the students with the required skills to further understand and deal with these dangers.”

Everyone had a good time and can now easily navigate the dangers of the sea.