KARI commences Leadership Program for 2018

KARI’s Leadership Program commenced this week with some exceptional Indigenous leaders across different industries.

The content available in the program reflects the latest processes in leadership development globally. The program consists of workshops, webinars and individual coaching sessions.

The multi-level program  is based on best-practice learning methods and is delivered by one of Australia’s (if not the worlds) experts in leadership, Isabelle Phillips.

Isabelle is the Founder of consultancy Mackerel Sky – Leadership Matters and Co-Founder of Mindfulness for the Global Village. Her enterprise work focuses on assisting leaders to create spaces for workforce populations to flourish and thrive.

KARI immerses a variety of leaders from different sectors, providing access to a range of leadership tools and the chance to explore new environments. This opportunity allows you to expand your perspective and build on your unique capabilities from day one of the course.

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KARI Founder Paul Ralph said,

“It means a lot to me and my colleagues at KARI to see Australia’s professional class of high-achieving Aboriginal doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, business managers and entrepreneurs growing every day”

These people are quietly getting on with changing their own lives and transforming their industries and communities. They’re setting proud examples and making an important contribution to Australian life and culture.

KARI is an innovative and successful Aboriginal enterprise which has come a long way in the last two decades. Our commitment to a better future for all Aboriginal children, families and communities is at the centre of everything we do.

The KARI Leadership Program is fundamental to achieving this positive change. By sharing the very latest knowledge, tools and practices in leadership with Aboriginal leaders, we’re supporting them on their path. They’ll have the added guidance of a trusted cohort to walk beside them on the journey.