Brighter Futures Camp Strengthens Family Relationships

KARI’s Brighter Futures program held a camp in Wedderburn in Sydney’s South West. The purpose of Brighter Futures camps is to assist parents in building strong, trusting relationships with their children. Parenting skills, support networks and community resources are provided in order to help make these families successful in staying together.

Families from KARI’s Brighter Futures program attended the camp and all engaged in different and inclusive activities, such as rock climbing, water skirmish and cultural dancing.

The Muggera Dancers came down to teach the children and their families some traditional Aboriginal dances as well as some traditional Aboriginal art.

Other activities on the camp included a magic show, the giant swing, sand art and painting.

Community Cultural Camp

Cultural activities of men and women’s business were conducted, where the women of the group painted coolamons and the men of the group painted didgeridoo’s.

The Brighter Future’s Camp is one of KARI’s most valuable programs. The camp provides these families with the opportunity to establish as well as develop strong friendships with one another. They also have the chance to share personal parenting skills and strategies.

KARI are looking forward to future Brighter Future’s camps.