KARI launches Family Preservation Program

KARI Limited’s Family Preservation Program (FPP)  has been created to tackle the issue of Aboriginal children being removed from their biological families.

Working alongside Family and Community Services (FaCS), KARI will provide assistance to families with complex needs. These needs can include issues varying from domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as everyday tasks like assisting families with how to budget or upskilling them with basic living skills such as cooking.

The program aims to prevent Aboriginal children being removed from their biological families, however if this has already occurred, caseworkers also work with birth families and Temporary Carer Arrangements (TCA’s), in order to restore the child back to their home.

Statistics from FaCS’ Family Preservation Package Program Framework (2018) state that “Aboriginal people often experience risk factors for child removal to a greater extent than non-Aboriginal people”. This fact alone demonstrates how important this program is when it comes to educating families on how to avoid these circumstances and keep families together.

Keeping Aboriginal children with their biological families is incredibly important as it allows the children to remain in contact with their culture.

With over 500 Aboriginal nations, each with different cultures, beliefs and languages, it is important that children know where they come from, in order to ensure they have their own identity and sense of self.

The KARI Family Preservation Program provides full case management support. It can include (but is not limited to) advocating for families in court, assisting the family financially with childcare payments and transport to and from appointments. Families will also receive access to health & well being services, legal services and much more where the need is identified.

“We are here to help them and work with them to build a stronger future for their families.”

KARI’s Family Preservation Manager, Sharon Sutton

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