KARI’s Scholarship Program assists over 130 youth for 2019

Heading into 2019 KARI is continuing to assist young people completing the higher school certificate with KARI’s Scholarship Program. The program was developed to provide financial assistance as well as opportunities for support and mentoring.

The KARI Scholarship program is aimed at Year 11 and 12 students across the South West Sydney and Western Sydney regions. Our scholarship students have access to opportunities for social and recreational activities and the chance to attend a number of KARI-related educational events such as one day workshops, forums and camps. Participants also participate in workshops presented by tertiary education and employment providers.

Our scholarships cover the costs of study such as buying uniforms, text books, stationery, school excursions and more. Our scholarships are based on the merit of each individual applicant; we assess the applicant’s commitment and attitude to their studies and the benefit that a scholarship would provide them in the completion of their higher school certificate.

This program recognises that the education sphere is an area where Aboriginal people have consistently suffered from the effects of underachievement.

Current evidence reveals that the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal completion of year 12 is widening. Our program seeks to actively close this gap.

Regular correspondence with students and their teachers, as well as report assessments help to measure and ensure ongoing success and engagement.

In 2019 KARI will support 135 young people through this program with ambitions to further our reach into more communities in the near future.