Family Camp provides avenues for families to strengthen bonds

KARI’s Out of Home Care Team (OOHC) has once again accomplished something amazing, by providing carers with an avenue to strengthen their relationships with their children. KARI’s family camps were held throughout January – April and involved a series of different workshops and activities to help create and strengthen supportive carer networks and connections to culture for all.

A total of 225 children and carers were given the opportunity to attend one of four camps. The 3-day camps were held at the Tops Conference Centre in Stanwell Tops and were filled with activities that encouraged families to work together whilst learning more about their culture.

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Sharon Winsor, founder of Indigiearth facilitated a series of cooking workshops for each camp. Sharon’s range of cultural programs, including a bush tucker workshop, showcases Australian native products at their best.

George Mannah (NSW Department of Primary Industries), has done a significant amount of work with KARI, facilitated a series of fishing workshops for our families. As a reward for their efforts, each participant received a brand-new fishing rod, with hope that these would be used frequently by the families’ post camp.