KARI’S HSBC LEAD Workshops commence for 2019

Once again the KARI Foundation and HSBC funded LEAD workshops have commenced. These workshops are offered to KARI’s scholarship cohort, in order to assist them with their school and life goals. The first workshop was held on the 3rd of April and was used as an introductory session for students to learn what the program was about.

The session was based around what a goal is, where students had to determine their own definition of what having a goal meant, as well as think about setting a goal they wish to achieve for their upcoming school term. Each young person was encouraged to set themselves a goal for the term ahead, the outcome of which will be discussed at the next workshop.

We look forward to working with this year’s cohort and seeing their goals become achievements.

“We look forward to getting to know our new participants and build an understanding of their goals and aspirations. We are excited to be able to tailor our workshops based upon their interests and strengths but also cover important topics such as steps to goal setting, time management and self-care.

Through the workshops we hope to equip students with the necessary tools to work towards their goals and feel confident about life after the HSC.” – Sarah Bertram, Community Programs Project Officer