Scholarship holders benefit from KARI’s Study Support Program

In partnership with Kip McGrath Education Centres, KARI Foundation offered current Scholarship holders an opportunity to participate in our first study support program. Students were invited to come into KARI’s Liverpool office during the first week of the April school holidays, where they were able to access tutors from Kip McGrath for assistance with school work, homework and exam preparation.

This program was activated due to the number of young people across our education support programs requesting assistance with at home tuition.  Data taken from our scholarship program has found that tutoring can become costly, and is an outlay that can easily expend our students’ funds. This program was created to alleviate that cost and to ensure that tuition can be easily accessed by all students.

Aside from tuition, this program also offers students a quiet space to catch up on school work, with little to no distractions. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for scholarship holders to ask questions, or go about their work at their own pace. It is ultimately a space away from home where they can focus solely on getting work done.

“The Study Support Program gives our Scholarship students an opportunity to engage with professional tutors and receive assistance in areas of their school work where they may be struggling.

We hope that this program will relieve some stress for our students and help in improving their results at school.

For some, this program will simply offer a quiet and supportive environment for them to study and complete assessments’’. Said Sarah Bertram, Community Programs Project Officer