KARI Singers provide cultural element to WestConnex M4 Tunnel Opening

The KARI Singers were invited to perform at the WestConnex M4 Tunnel Community Open Day on the 16th June 2019. The M4 Tunnel Community Open day was an event to provide the surrounding communities that have been affected by roadworks and construction work, the opportunity to view the tunnel.

The KARI Singers provided a cultural element to the official ceremony by performing their renditions of Yothu Yindi’s World Turning and Djapana. Despite the weather being poor, the KARI Singers were able to deliver another breathtaking performance to liven up the ceremony.

The KARI Singers are an alumni group of KARI’s Vocal Identification Program.

“It was an honour to be asked to perform at the WestConnex M4 Tunnel opening, it gives our KARI Singers a great opportunity to showcase Aboriginal culture as well as allowing them to show how proud they are when performing”– Blake Ralph, Program Coordinator

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