WestConnex Driver Program Participants take vital steps to achieving their licence

KARI Foundation and WestConnex’s partnership has been able to provide Indigenous youth with the WestConnex Indigenous Driver Program. This program aims to empower Indigenous young people across South Western Sydney, by gaining their drivers licence it provides them the opportunity to gain independence and full-time employment.

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The first stage of the 2019 program has seen KARI Foundation provide group classes to Indigenous youth, hopeful to attain their learner’s permit. Our participants were taken through a 5-week course, where they were taught basic road rules, the dangers of using alcohol and drugs and how to navigate peer pressure.

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After the completion of the 5-week course, participants will sit for their L’s test, in order to obtain their learner’s permit. Once this has been achieved with assistance from KARI Foundation, they will be ready to commence practical driving lessons.

As a part of our program, KARI have been able to provide financial assistance to those seeking driving lessons. This enables participants to gain support from KARI, for the full length of their journey to getting their provisional licence. We are looking forward to seeing how our participants progress as they move forward on their journey to attaining their licence.