Danielle Mate-Sullivan shares her passion with Indigenous Youth

Danielle Mate-Sullivan is a proud Aboriginal woman, who is a descendant of the Murrawarri and was encouraged by art teachers to explore her Aboriginal art style. Danielle Mate has been working with KARI on a number of creative arts projects as well as working with her across programs to provide to the Indigenous community.  The Danielle Mate-Sullivan Art Workshop is just one of those programs.

Held on the 10th October 2019 at the Casula Powerhouse Museum, the program was available to junior artists aged 8-17. Danielle facilitated the workshop and ran through techniques with the participants, encouraging them to express and interpret their ideas through their artwork. In conjunction with the Casula Powerhouse Museum, all artworks created on the day will be entered into the Mil-Pra Art Exhibition. Participants based their artwork designs on this year’s Mil-Pra theme ‘Hear my Voice’.

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Opportunities like these provide Indigenous youth with the chance to learn from established artists like Danielle and expand on their knowledge of Aboriginal art both traditional and contemporary. We hope to continue workshops like this, in order to provide Indigenous youth with a space where they are able to express themselves through creative art mediums.