KARI and Sydney Roosters Deliver LOVE BiTES

As a part of our growing partnership with the Sydney Roosters, KARI have been delivering healthy relationships program LOVE BiTES in Secondary Schools, throughout Term 3.

KARI’s Community Programs team have been visiting Rose Bay Secondary College every Friday during the school term to present students the LOVE BiTES Program. Love Bites is an extremely successful Respectful Relationships Education Program for young people aged 15-17 years.

Developed by NAPCAN, 3 programs are delivered under LOVE BiTES Junior including #friends (Year 7), Respectful Relationships, Bullying and Gender (Year 8) and Relationships, Love and Control (Year 9).

The LOVE BiTES Program consists of two interactive workshops: one on Relationship Violence, and one on Sex and Relationships, followed by creative workshops and community campaigns. Since commencing this program at Rosebay Secondary College, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. These young individuals are engaging with the content and really getting involved with the interactive workshops.

The overall aim of LOVE BiTES is to equip young people with the knowledge needed to have respectful relationships, encourage and develop their skills in critical thinking and assist them in being able to problem solve and communicate effectively. When properly equipped in these areas, young people can make the right choices for themselves and their relationships that are free from violence and abuse.

KARI and the Sydney Roosters are looking forward to delivering the LOVE BiTES to the entire Year 10 group at Rose Bay Secondary College for the remainder of Term 3 and 4.

For more information on how you can become a facilitator of LOVE BiTES Program, click here.