Transition to School Graduates equipped for ‘big school’

On Tuesday 15th October, KARI’s Clinic Team held their Transition to School graduation at the Health Clinic located in the KARI Liverpool Office. Our Transition to School program runs throughout the year and is a program that prepares children who will be making the transition to Kindergarten in the following year.

The children are equipped with a backpack filled with equipment they will need for their journey to big school, as well as a certificate to mark their graduation. The transition to Kindergarten from pre-school can often be daunting for children and care givers, which is why this program is important in preparing them for that journey.

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The children and their care givers meet once a week for an hour session, where they are taught the necessary skills required for starting school. It also allows our Clinic professionals the chance to observe children who may be experiencing developmental delays, allowing for the KARI Clinic to provide crucial assistance to these children.

A total of 14 children graduated from this year’s class and we hope to continue to provide this program in order to prepare Indigenous youth for the changes they will face once they attend school.