KARI Christmas Toy Drive 2019

Our Early Intervention Placement Prevention (EIPP) team invited families within their program to come into the Liverpool office for our Christmas Toy Drive. Families were able to select toys for their children for Christmas. Twelve families participated in the event and were incredibly appreciative of the opportunity presented to them, which will lighten the financial burden that can sometimes come with the Christmas season.

Each family walked away knowing their children would be receiving gifts this year, despite the financial struggles they may be facing. This is one of the many initiatives KARI Limited runs throughout the holiday season, aiming to provide a stress-free Christmas to our families who need it the most.

“Knowing these families are relieved and have some of the stress taken off them over the Christmas holidays is the reason why we do what we do. We’re really pleased we get to provide them with this opportunity, as everyone deserves to enjoy the Christmas holidays”. – Renee Clayton, Early Intervention Project Officer

KARI Limited’s Early Intervention Placement Prevention Team work with families to reduce the likelihood of a child or young person facing challenges such as low participation and attainment in education and poor physical and mental health. Being able to work with these families allows for a child or young person to stay in the care of their parents and ultimately aims to reduce the chance of the child or young person being placed in care.