Families strengthen their relationships at KARI Family Camp

KARI Limited held a Family Camp from February 7 – 9 at the Stanwell Tops Conference Centre. A total of 26 carers and 54 children & young people attended.

Due to unfortunate weather, the activities over the weekend were held indoors. On the first night of camp, families were provided an entertaining way to bond, with a variety of indoor giant games to choose from. These included Giant Jenga, Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Go Fish and Connect4.

The weekend also consisted of a cultural activity facilitated by artist Danielle Mate Sullivan. Her program ‘Mates Puzzles’ allows individuals and families to paint a puzzle piece with themes they believe best represents their personal journey. Each family was given a puzzle piece to show themes they felt best represented their family.

Sharon Winsor, director of Indigiearth, facilitated a gardening program for our families, educating them on traditional plants, as well as allowing carers and their children to plant their own herbs and succulents into mini pot plants. Families were given these to take home, along with the knowledge on how to maintain them.

Just before the camp concluded, Dean Kelly from National Parks and Wildlife service’s ran a cultural bush tucker education workshop. Several native plants and tools were on display for our families to view and interact with.

KARI’s family camps are designed to provide an avenue for carers to bond with their children, whilst simultaneously connecting with their culture, together as a family.