Swimming Lessons increase confidence among Indigenous Youth

KARI Limited’s Swimming Programs are underway for Term 1 of the New Year.

Our Parents & Bubs swimming program provides free lessons for Aboriginal children aged 0-3, teaching children to be familiar with the water, increase their water safety and confidence. These lessons set the foundations for the early stages of swimming skills for both parents and bubs. All participants receive a KARI swimming pack, inclusive of a bag, goggles and a beach towel.

Our Learn to Swim program provides free lessons for Aboriginal children ages 4-16. These swimming lessons have the potential to save lives and are great for improving health and fitness, whilst also increasing children’s confidence in the water. Each participant is presented with a swimming pack in their first lesson, inclusive of a bag, goggles, a beach towel and a swimming cap. These packs are essential in providing children with the tools to swim safely.

For more information on KARI Limited’s Swimming programs, contact the Community programs team at community.programs@kari.org.au