Cultural Upskilling in Didgeridoo Workshop

This month a number of male KARI staff from our Cultural Unit, Lead with Culture and Community Programs teams attended a two-day Make Your Own Didgeridoo workshop in Brisbane. The two-day experience provided participants with the knowledge on how to make their own Didgeridoo, as well as the history of the traditional instrument.

The cultural experience provided an opportunity for staff to camp out overnight to fully immerse themselves in their culture. Not only did our staff complete the Didgeridoo workshops, but they were also trained in how to facilitate the program, allowing them to provide a similar experience to Indigenous youth in our local communities.

Being able to facilitate these workshops will provide a cultural experience like no other, where Indigenous youth can not only create their own Didgeridoo, but learn to play it and take pride in something that is synonymous with Indigenous culture.

“It was a great experience considering the instrument’s native area of belonging is the northern parts of Australia and I’m from the Narungga nation in South Australia. For me to be able to learn, let alone pass on this knowledge that my ancestors have been doing for years, is a privilege.” – Lyle Sansbury, Lead with Culture Mentor

“It was such an amazing experience learning how to make a didgeridoo from scratch, and now it’s even more exciting that we get the opportunity to show our young men in the community how do this through our own workshops. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our young men to learn an amazing traditional skill but more importantly connect them to their culture.” – Blake Ralph, Community Programs Project Officer

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