Lead with Culture provide cultural connections for Indigenous Youth

KARI Foundation Lead with Culture team have been working hard with Aboriginal Youth to provide opportunities of employment and/or education. It is important for Aboriginal Youth to remain connected to their culture whilst on life’s journey.

Today our youth are constantly asking for more ways to be connected to their culture, this is why one of the KARI Foundation’s Lead with Culture mentors are working with our young people like *Alyssa. Alyssa has always wanted to feel more connected to her culture, as part of her cultural plan mentor Peta reached out to her, they arranged a day together to continue her cultural connection.

Alyssa’s journey began on country in Bondi, where she and Peta ventured on a walk only to find rock engravings from her people. Peta began to explain what they meant and how they translated as Alyssa sat there tracing the engravings with her finger, taking in all the information. After one destination, Alyssa was already starting to feel more connected to her culture.

Continuing on her path, Alyssa’s next stop was Centennial Park, where Peta provided knowledge on the cultural significance of the area and how it is connected to where she came from.

Their final destination led them to Bare Island in La Perouse, where Peta shared stories from her childhood. Alyssa kept seeing Blue Tongue lizards and wondered what the meaning was behind them. It was here that she felt she had finally figured out her totem and understood why she felt so connected to it.

“Lately I have felt so disconnected with myself, who I am. My culture. My spirit, so my Aunty Peta contacted me and said let’s meet up. She brought me to these beautiful sites. She taught me about the carvings in the rocks and what they meant. She showed me different trees and plants and what they were used for. Then we went to. Lapa and walked around the rocks, as she explained the story about how Bare Island was created. I. also became aware of my personal totem, the Blue Tongue Lizard, who follows me everywhere. After today I feel so at peace. So connected. So calm. So protected. Thank you, Peta for today.”

*Young person’s name has been changed to protect their privacy.

This program is funded by the Australian Government.