KARI teams mentor youth at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre

KARI’s Early Intervention and Lead with Culture teams are able to continue supporting youth at the Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre on a week by week basis. Members of the KARI team set up weekly telephone conferences with the youth, in order to mentor them on upcoming important dates and commitments and ways to manage life after leaving the centre.

The Lead with Culture team are able to reconnect youth with their culture, whilst gaining assistance on what their next step will be. Whether it is seeking employment or a return to education, the Lead with Culture mentors are able to guide these youth on their chosen path.

Zoom sessions have become quite popular amongst the youth at the Justice Centre, as it allows for some face to face interaction with a team member outside of the centre. The zoom sessions with their mentors are proving to be successful as it allows for them to focus on their progress and how to best prepare for their future once they have been released.

One young person spoke with his mentor about how their release date was making them feel anxious about housing and employment. With the help from our Lead with Culture team, this young person will have guidance from his mentor on what career path he wishes to take. Our Early Intervention team will also provide assistance for housing, and find what is most appropriate for this young person.

In line with easing of restrictions we are hopeful that we will be able to provide regular programming at Reiby in the near future.