Child Protection Week and Foster and Kinship Care Week

Throughout the month of September there were 2 significant weeks that are of great importance to us. National Child Protection Week was held from the 6th to the 12th and Foster and Kinship Care Week was held from the 13th to the 19th.

NAPCAN’s National Child Protection Week celebrated its 30th year with the theme ‘Putting Children First’. NAPCAN provided insight through online resources on how protecting children is the responsibility of every adult.

“The little things you do today, matter to a child’s tomorrow” – NAPCAN

Foster and Kinship Care Week provided an opportunity for us to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our Carers. We believe it is important to recognise the time and effort that goes into being a Carer. To celebrate the week we asked one of our Carers to come in and talk about her life changing experience.

“With KARI’s support and training they’ve provided me; it’s opened my heart and mind and kept my focus on the child that is in my care. Learning to be patient and for that moment remembering that that little person has come into a stranger’s home, scared, and not understanding why they are here. So, I play a very important role in their lives, continuing to let the child know how much they are loved and to feel safe in my home and family.” – Barbara, KARI Carer.

Watch Barbara share her story below.

Celebrating Foster Care Week

Meet Colleen and Barbara, as they share their experiences in supporting young people through their foster care journey. For more information, contact the Carer Recruitment team on (02) 8782 0300. #FosterandKinshipCareWeek #KARI #ChangingLives #KeepingCulture

Posted by KARI on Monday, 14 September 2020

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