Early Intervention Team provide life changing programs at Reiby

KARI Limited’s Early Intervention team have been working with the Indigenous youth in the Waratah pre-release unit at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre for a number of weeks.

Activities conducted include engaging with an Indigenous Art program, since its commencement 3 weeks ago, these young people have been showing enthusiasm and creativity, as well as a willingness to learn about Aboriginal arts and symbols.

Our Early Intervention team recently sat down with the young people and began a discussion on a potential cooking program which was well received. With such positive feedback and attitudes towards the idea, these young men are eager to develop their living skills, with regard to creating a weekly food budget and coming up with a meal plan for the week ahead.

The cooking program will ensure these young people learn about safety in the kitchen, as well as budgeting for food items, learning different dishes to create and general kitchen practices.

These programs provide young people with the knowledge and tools to turn their life around and allow them to take care of themselves once they return to everyday life.