Rent Choice Youth Program

KARI Limited’s Early Intervention Team (EIPP) have been working together with their youth clients on the Rent Choice Youth Subsidy, provided by Housing NSW. This subsidy provides these young people with access to the private rental market.

The team have had successful applicants come through for the subsidy and covers a period of three years, with the amount of rent the young person is responsible to pay, gradually increasing over the subsidy period. The aimed end result being the young person is able to pay full market rent without any further assistance.

Housing assistance for youth aged 16 to 24 is a crucial service the EIPP team provide, and thanks to the Rent Choice Youth program, our team are able to offer assistance with the initial application which is sent to a nominations board for approval.

Once the young person has been approved, the journey begins to finding their new home.

The team assist each young person with the following:

  • Looking for private rentals and advocating on behalf of the young person with Real Estate Agents
  • Providing support letters
  • Attending rental inspections with the young person
  • Accessing a brokerage of up to $2,000 for furniture and household goods
  • Bond loan applications
  • Facilitating the “Rent it Keep it” program
  • Conducting quarterly reviews over the 36-month subsidy

The Early Intervention team work hard in providing these youth with sufficient ways to gain independence and ensure they are on the right track to becoming successful young adults.