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KARI Foundation, established in 2017, provides an innovative approach to showcasing Aboriginal excellence, culture and community achievement.

We celebrate Aboriginal excellence by building corporate partnerships and nurturing the connection between governments and corporates to Aboriginal Australia.

KARI strives to offer a continuum of award-winning services. We start with programs to promote general community engagement. Thereafter, ultimately work to promote and showcase Aboriginal excellence. Our ultimate goal is to alleviate disadvantage in Aboriginal communities and promote restoration and preservation in Aboriginal families.

KARI Foundation offer the following opportunities to promote and sustain Aboriginal excellence:

  • Indigenous Consulting | Providing Indigenous consulting  for businesses who want to know more about Indigenous history. Consultants can also help with Reconciliation Action Plans for corporations.
  • Cultural Unit | Offering cultural consultation to engage corporate and community groups in various cultural traditions and education.
  • Indigenous Business Enterprise Programs | Increasing the confidence and expertise of Aboriginal people to encourage an entrepreneurial culture within Aboriginal communities.
  • Employment | Partnering with the government, a KARI Indigenous employment specialist mentors work with businesses to ensure new employees and employers have independent culturally appropriate resources.
  • Health | Improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of the Aboriginal children and young people who join us in foster care.
  • Art Programs | Engaging various groups in traditional visual art exhibitions and dance performances in order to increase awareness of Aboriginal culture.
  • Sport | Cultivating stronger relationships with the local Indigenous communities through partnerships with prominent sporting organisations.
  • Education | Recognising the importance of education to build the most solid foundations for future generations to thrive.
  • KARI Community | Promoting Indigenous growth, skill development and confidence building.