Indigenous Art Programs

KARI Foundation fund a variety of arts programs for the local and larger Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Art

The Indigenous Art program will teach community members about Aboriginal art, both traditional and contemporary. It will also providing participants with the skills to teach others. This program is tailored to suit everyone from student school groups to adult group classes.

The program is taught by local and internationally-renowned artists. This is done with the hope of increasing the number of Aboriginal artists within the community. The program also aims to increase the confidence of those who attend the classes.


The KARI Dance and Performance classes are interactive Aboriginal performances specifically designed for all audiences.

The classes will engage any community, corporate or school group in traditional dances. Performances will also be held to increase awareness of Aboriginal culture within different communities.

Indigenous Performing Arts Tours

All of the KARI Art programs will go on tour across NSW at different times of the year. These programs will be available to the public and also be open to corporate partners and businesses for various private or public events.

Indigenous Music Therapy

KARI Psychologists will run a therapeutic training group for Aboriginal children, struggling with various disabilities, to help facilitate the social and emotional wellbeing of the children.

The Indigenous Music Therapy will combine music, psychology and neurobiology to build social and emotional resilience and healthy relationship skills for our Aboriginal young people who struggle with various barriers.

Media Program

This program is an additional program that will provide a creative outlet for youth and allow them to engage in personal music instruction, audio and video production, pod cast creation and development, theatre and technology skills.

The Media Program will have an arm off the KARI website, created and developed by Aboriginal youth that chronicles the program’s development. It will be an outlet for Aboriginal youth to share their art, thoughts, and feelings with their peers as well as others.

The purpose of this program is to provide youth with a venue for self-expression and freedom of thought. The Media Program is dedicated to all young people coping with survival on the streets. The community will also help those who want to make changes in their lives.