Indigenous Consulting

KARI offers Indigenous Consulting to businesses and organisations.

KARI delivers an innovative approach to showcasing Aboriginal excellence, culture and community achievement by establishing and nurturing the connection between Governments and Corporates to Aboriginal Australia.

 What is an Indigenous Consultant?

Our Consultants take your organisation on its journey into Aboriginal Australia at your own pass and with the support and guidance which allows your business to grow and make real measurable change.

Our highly training consultants can provide expertise in culture, employment, procurement, community connection and eduction.

How can Indigenous Consulting help with Reconciliation Action Plans and Promotion?

KARI Indigenous Consultants have extensive knowledge researching and developing meaningful and empowering Reconciliation Action Plans for Corporate Australia.

Their ability to guide industries on their journey of reconciliation with practical and deliverable approaches and actions allow businesses to focus and deliver meaning participation in reconciliation.

KARI’s established events and community projects provide organisations inspiration and opportunities to showcase their achievements and establish combined projects, which have lasting positive change for communities.

KARI Foundation are proud of their extensive Cultural Unit.

We offer corporations a wide range of cultural training options, connection between lands and help with Reconciliation Action Plans. This enables deeper connection to local Indigenous communities.

Cultural Awareness Training

Practical, empowering and inclusive cultural training developed to provide a deeper understanding of Aboriginal Culture.

Candidates gain a knowledge about Aboriginal history and culture and how to embrace and promote culture in the workplace.

This course provides access to a wide variety of tools and wisdom which ensures industry sectors the ability to explore and build on their capabilities within working and social environments.

Cultural Connection between Lands Councils and Local Indigenous Groups

KARI and KARI Foundation have strong links and connections to local Aboriginal communities, organisations and Lands Councils.

A dedicated Corporate Aboriginal liaison officer that is assigned to your organisation will ensure the connecting link between all organisations is seamless. The liaison officer will also provide advice and introductions to safeguard against offending local communities.

KARI Corporate Leadership Program