Indigenous Employment

Ensuring businesses and candidates have the essential support and mentoring.

KARI is a leader in Indigenous Employment. We currently employ over 120 full time employees with approximately 80% of our employees being of Indigenous descent. We have established ourselves as one of the top employers for the Indigenous community.

How does it work?

In partnership with the government, a specialist KARI Indigenous Employment mentor works builds a strong relationship with a line manager and the employee. This relationship allows the mentor to address any issues or concerns in a professional manner ensuring long term careers not just jobs.

This ensures new employees and employers have independent culturally appropriate resources.

By working with a KARI Indigenous employment specialist mentor, KARI and your organisation will work together to ensure that successful long term employment outcomes are delivered.

How does the mentor help?

KARI will provide a workplace mentor who has experienced a similar working path. This knowledge can assist individuals on how to identify family challenges in their new role. The mentor can also help individuals to identify pressures they may experience from the job position.

Mentors will assist with developing strategies to address issues in advance and support their longer term employment in the role. Effective mentors can have a significant and long-lasting impact on those they mentor.

KARI mentors provide a service that transfers wisdom targeting the personal and professional development and/or career and educational development of a person.

How do you find candidates?

KARI’s established network and community programs provide an excellent platform to advertise and find the correct candidates.

These community programs engage KARI with Indigenous communities. This outreach allow us to find the correct candidates for your role.