KARI Community

KARI Foundation works to strengthen the Indigenous community.

Our range of community programs promote Indigenous growth, skill development and confidence building. We believe in supporting the Indigenous community to become self-sufficient and strong.

KARI Leadership Program

Designed to assist high-level Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal people who work across Aboriginal programs. The program personally challenges and grows quality individuals so they can optimise their achievements. The aim of the program is to provide participants with the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills further, thereby enabling them to make more informed decisions to achieve better outcomes for the Indigenous community. Based on cutting-edge leadership frameworks, the program contents and processes reflect the latest in leadership development globally. The program consists of four full-day workshops, five webinars and three individual coaching sessions.

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Community Grants

KARI offers support to Aboriginal businesses, community development and sporting organisations. This support can be by way of a small KARI Community Grant, sponsorship or in-kind support.

The KARI Community Grants Program is designed to support and encourage local programs and initiatives. We support programs which offer cultural or new learning benefit to an individual, group or community. This funding is capped, time driven and subject to available resources.

Please note KARI Grants are:

  • One off initiatives
  • Assessed the last week of each month by the KARI Grants Committee
  • Applicants will know the status of their application by the first week of the following month
  • No Grants or Sponsorships will be assessed for individuals
  • Successful applications will be required to provide photos/videos and a short brief on their projects success

KARI Community Grants are currently closed. Please keep a look out on our social media networks for the next round of applications.

WestConnex Indigenous Driving Program

WestConnex has partnered with KARI Foundation to establish the WestConnex Indigenous Driver Program.

This program is available to:

  • Youth applying for their Learners permit
  • Youth applying for their Provisional Drivers Licence

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