KARI Foundation recognises the importance of education within Indigenous communities. We have implemented a range of programs to help out the local community.

Transition to School Programs

Our Transition to Primary School & High School Programs, delivered by trained educators, are designed to prepare disadvantaged children and families with the transition to school.

We provide mentoring for children and families using a range of pedagogical approaches to increase their cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being .

Children and families are introduced to their local school setting. This includes the school routine, facilities, preparing a lunch box and the classroom environment.

Children and parents have access to a safe and welcoming environment. This helps them to connect with one another and other families. There is also the opportunity to develop skills that ensure a seamless transition to school.

KARI provides students with essential equipment including:

  • A backpack.
  • A matching pencil case with a black pen, blue pen and pencil
  • Basic starter subject books. This includes 5 books for subjects, such as English, Geography, Science, History etc as well as providing a gridbook provided for maths and a music book.
  • A maths protractor set.
  • A scientific calculator.

Other financial assistance can be provided on a needs assessment for the student and families. Demand for the backpacks continues to increase, and has risen steadily year after year.

KARI Scholarships

The KARI School Scholarship Program is an educational development initiative. Up to 150 support scholarships are available for Aboriginal students in high school entering their final two years of study.

We encourage our scholarship holders to consider all of their options after their final two years at school. This includes engaging students in a more active approach in investigating further education, whilst additionally researching potential career prospects, thereby strengthening their potential.

KARI has run this initiative for over a decade. It has produced a number of fantastic outcomes in relation to bridging the gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educational results.

In the last three years, we have seen no fewer than 300 students through our Scholarship Program across Sydney. The number of applicants have continued to double each year since 2011.

All students can apply for our scholarships. Scholarship recipients range from high academic achievers to those who live in low income living areas.

Our program offers a range of supportive education programs to further encourage our scholarship holders to achieve their best while they finish their education.

We provide mentoring to each student involving one-on-one assistance with study needs. Additionally, we include job seeking and pathway mapping so that students can follow a career based plan. Therefore, potential careers and job interests have been identified before beginning the pathway mapping.

KARI Ambassadors Beau Champion and Brent Kite mentor the students through the program.