KARI Leadership Program

Changing lives through leadership

The KARI Leadership Program assists high level Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal people who work across Aboriginal programs to achieve personal or professional goals.

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A message from KARI Founder Paul Ralph

It means a lot to me and my colleagues at KARI to see Australia’s professional class of high-achieving Aboriginal doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, business managers and entrepreneurs growing every day. These people are quietly getting on with changing their own lives and transforming their industries and communities. They’re setting proud examples and making an important contribution to Australian life and culture.

KARI is an innovative and successful Aboriginal enterprise and we’ve come a long way in the last two decades. Our commitment to a better future for all Aboriginal children, families and communities is at the centre of everything we do. The KARI Leadership Program is fundamental to achieving this positive change.

By sharing the very latest knowledge, tools and practices in leadership with Aboriginal leaders from all sectors, we’re supporting them on their path. And they’ll have the added guidance of a trusted cohort to walk beside them on the journey.

We welcome Aboriginal leaders, and leaders who are serving Aboriginal communities, to step out on this journey with us and make an even bigger difference.

KARI, KARI Leadership Program

Who is the program for?

The KARI Leadership program is designed for Aboriginal leaders. It is also designed for leaders working with Aboriginal communities as well as stakeholders.

Our program is tailored to meet the diverse needs and challenges of Aboriginal leaders from many industries and backgrounds.

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What’s included in the program?

The program’s content and processes are based on cutting edge leadership frameworks that reflect the latest in leadership development globally.

The program consists of four full-day workshops, five webinars and three individual coaching sessions.

You will experience a multi-level program based on best-practice learning methods. As you are working with a variety of leaders from different sectors, you will gain access to a range of leadership tools.

You will have the chance to explore new environments that can expand your perspective and build on your unique capabilities from day one of the course.

Our learning process

Why invest in KARI Leadership?

Taking part in the program is just the beginning of the learning and leadership journey for each of our cohorts.

Their experience triggers innovation and change and brings sustained and measurable benefits to leaders and stakeholders throughout their organisations.

The value for your organisation

The difference you can make

Meet our alumni and hear how the KARI learning journey has transformed their impact as leaders.

Learn how their connections with a network of like-minded people continue to add value with new insights and knowledge beyond the program.

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Become a corporate partner

A partnership with KARI Leadership goes far beyond the traditional mandate for Corporate Social Responsibility.

It offers your business an opportunity to transform your frameworks for cultural awareness and for engaging with, learning from and supporting indigenous communities.

Move your organisational culture from diversity targets to inclusion mindsets.

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Fees and policies

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