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KARI Limited – Indigenous support & services

Building strength in Aboriginal families, communities and services.

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Permanency Support Program (PSP)

KARI is a Permanency Support Program (PSP) Providing Case Work Assistance to Aboriginal children, families and communities.

Become a Carer

Opening your home and heart to a child in need is a hugely rewarding experience.

Community Programs

KARI’s Indigenous community programs are an integral part of what we do best. Our programs will not only entertain and educate but, more importantly, offer Aboriginal children a sense of belonging.

Child and Family Support

KARI’s Family Support initiatives are designed to provide advice, guidance and practical family assistance.

Youth Support

KARI’s advice and referral services will help build stronger, long-term foundations for your family.

Brighter Futures

KARI’s Brighter Futures team provides young families with the help, support and advice they need through our unique initiative, The Brighter Futures program.

KARI Clinic

The KARI Clinic aims to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for all the Aboriginal children and young people who join us in foster care.

Cultural Unit

The KARI Cultural Unit mission is to ensure all children in KARI’s Foster Care Program develop a strong connection to their culture and identity.

Leaving Care Program

KARI’s Leaving Care Program assists young people in their transition to independent living arrangements.

KARI Foundation – Corporate sponsorship & enterprise

Building strength in Aboriginal families, communities and services.

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Indigenous Consulting

Cultural Unit

KARI Leadership Program

Indigenous Business Enterprise Program



Indigenous Art Programs



KARI Community



Building strength in Aboriginal families, communities and services.


Every dollar you donate goes towards building bright futures for Aboriginal families and young people.

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KARI provides Aboriginal community support and cultural preservation initiatives.

Our main mission is to build strength in families through the provision of quality Aboriginal community support services. Our vision is to help Aboriginal families, youth and communities flourish.

Seven core values guide KARI’s work in the community:

  • Innovation | Review everything you do and seek ways to improve both the process and the outcome.
  • Access | KARI services are made available to all Aboriginal people in a community.
  • Professionalism | Always strive to offer the highest possible standard of service, on time, as promised – we are all accountable for keeping our promise.
  • Strength through Culture | Aboriginal people should experience the culture as a living reality, bringing with it a sense of identity and confidence.
  • Respect | Everyone deserves to be respected; we will speak openly, honestly, and always respectfully.
  • Unity of Purpose | On any professional issues that arise, we work together and speak with one voice. We also seek out new community partnerships to achieve Aboriginal goals.
  • Excellence | Every day, we provide the best possible standards of service and every day, we strive to be the benchmark provider of quality services to Aboriginal people.

KARI has successfully operated Aboriginal community support services in New South Wales since 1999.

We began working to support Aboriginal children in foster care and have grown to become the largest Aboriginal foster care provider in Australia. Since then, KARI has further developed our services. We started delivering community programs, early intervention, cultural programs, educational support and family preservation services. Due to their success, KARI expanded these services into other regions, including Western and Metro Sydney.

Today, KARI is proud to employ over 120 staff members. We help to support approximately 400 Aboriginal children in our Out-of-Home Care Program. Most importantly, our Out-of-Home Care Program has been in a successful consortium with NSW Family and Community Services since 1999.