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KARI Leadership is a relevant, unique and trusted leadership program. Designed to deliver a social multiplier effect, we resource those who can make the biggest difference by delivering the latest in leadership learning. We use sophisticated learning design to challenge and resource people who are already leaders in organisations and Aboriginal communities.


KARI Leadership offers cutting edge content delivered by university lecturers. The program includes coaching and psychometrics delivered by trained and experienced executive coaches. It is bolstered by exceptional business mentoring by successful Aboriginal business leaders. This mix represents the best that academia and corporates can offer senior leaders. This mix is offered in an accessible and time effective format.


Being the only Aboriginal learner in a workplace or MBA programs presents challenges. Research shows that our cognitive performance is challenged in situations where our belonging needs are not met. Being the only Aboriginal learner in a workplace initiative or an MBA also prevents time and space to critique hidden biases in delivery style and or content. The ability to learn alongside peers from globally recognised models and critique them from within culture is important and empowering for Aboriginal leaders. If you can’t see it you can’t be it. Many senior Aboriginal professionals work alone in their organisation. This program shows them they are not alone. This program delivers a unique and valuable network of trusted advisors who walk in two worlds just like they do.


Delivered by the KARI Foundation to high levels of satisfaction, year on year since inception in 2016. KARI Leadership has become a trusted brand for excellence in leadership development for senior Aboriginal executives and leaders.

During the course learners will experience online, self-directed components, one-on-one executive coaching, business mentoring and face-to-face workshops. Workshops deliver rich content and create space for pooling knowledge, peer coaching and reflective learning. A relationship is built among students with the aim of generating a community of practice and an upward spiral of leadership knowledge sharing. This instructional approach:

Demands a high level of socio-cognitive effort

Supports each learner to meet high-but-achievable expectations

Focuses on un-learning, deep learning and the acquisition of 21st-century leadership skills

After finishing this course, learners will be able to:

Devise and practice effective ways to work with colleagues from various industry sector backgrounds to generate

new learning around arising challenges.

Use this course (and authentic artifacts generated in this course) as resources for introducing colleagues to

leadership ideas, frameworks and systems.

Explain the many leadership roles they play in their lives across homelife, community life, public life

and organisational life.

Bring strengths-based and collaborative learning strategies back to their own divisions, organisations and

partner organisations.

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