Family Support

KARI’s Family Support initiatives are designed to provide advice, guidance and practical family assistance.

Do you need medical, financial or legal help, or are you looking to reconnect with your family and culture? KARI has a program that will guide you in the right direction.

All families experience a range of challenges at different times of their lives. Often, they need nurturing through these difficult periods. This helps them grow in strength and realise their potential. Ultimately, support should help them gain the capacity and knowledge needed to thrive independently.

Our Family Support services offer a range of initiatives to help vulnerable families to develop skills to build solid foundations for future prosperity. KARI work with families to promote the wellbeing and safety of these parents and children. We seek to build upon their existing knowledge of how to achieve security and address any issues hampering their stability and progress. Our shared goal is to strengthen their ability to cultivate healthy family relationships and considered life choices for the benefit of each other.

Here, you will find more information about the following:

  • Financial Support
  • Parenting Programs
  • Multidisciplinary Playgroup
  • Transition to Kindergarten Support
  • KARI Community Unity Day
  • KARI Fit Camp Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Program


Financial Support

If you need a hand with budgeting and finance, our Early Intervention officers can provide one on one support through our MoneyMinded program, or refer you to a financial counsellor. The service is both free and confidential.

Developed by ANZ in consultation with government stakeholders, education experts and the community, MoneyMinded is an adult financial education program designed to improve your money management skills. Whether you’re looking to create a budget, reduce your debt or start saving, there’s activity here to help you.

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, please contact our Early Intervention team today at or (02) 8782 0300.

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Parenting Programs

KARI’s parenting programs bring local parents together to share skills, stories and help strengthen the bond between parent and child in a culturally supportive environment. We offer a variety of programs ranging from one day workshops to weekend long camps.

Mother and Children’s Camp

The Mother and Children’s Camp gives mothers in the community the chance to come together, share stories, take part in activities, learn new parenting skills and ultimately strengthen their relationship with their children. The camp is run by a trained member of the KARI team and offers evidence-based parenting programs, including MoneyMinded and Circle of Security, to improve the bond between mother and child.

Father and Son’s Camp

The Father and Son’s Camp gives fathers and sons the chance to build on their relationship in a culturally appropriate way. Held over a weekend, the camp is hosted by a member of the KARI team who helps fathers to discuss parenting issues, as well as find ways to develop a stronger bond with their children. The weekend includes opportunities to take part in a range of activities created to strengthen the relationship between father and son, as well as evidence-based parenting programs like MoneyMinded and 1, 2, 3 Magic.

Circle of Security

Circle of Security focuses on developing strong parental relationships to offer children emotional support. While most parents recognise when children need help to manage their behaviour, the idea that children may need help understanding their feelings is new to many. When children feel overwhelmed, this early intervention program teaches parents how to help them cope with strong feelings, since they’re often too young to manage alone.

Men’s Group

Women’s Group

Other Programs

In addition to our family camps, our team also connects with key partners to hold term-based parenting programs, including evidence based-programs like Bringing Up Great Kids, Tuning Into Teens, Building Bullying Shield, Managing Challenging Behaviours and Emotion Coaching.

Bringing Up great Kids

This five-week course provides parents with an opportunity to reflect on influences on parenting styles. It looks at ways of enhancing communication and positive interactions with their children. Topics include messages from our past; the child brain; lessons from our children’s behaviour; and responding effectively to children.

Tuning Into Kids

This 5 week course will help parents of pre-school and primary aged children learn about emotionally intelligent parenting. Topics include; identifying and understanding emotions, using emotions during interactions, using emotional awareness to guide problem solving and dealing with frustrations.

Tuning Into Teens

This five-week course will help parents of tweens and teens to understand adolescence, be better at talking with your child, understanding your child more, help your teen learn to manage their emotions, help prevent behaviour problems and teach your teen to deal with conflict.

Building Bullying Shield

The Bully Shield programme is designed to actively help parents give their children the best solutions to manage bullying at school.

Emotion Coaching

This three-week course focuses in depth on John Gottman’s emotion coaching. Parents will gain an understanding of their own parenting style and how this impacts their children. For those who have attended 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching, this course will be particularly helpful to gain further insight and build on existing skills.

Multidisciplinary Playgroup

Children can sometimes experience behavioural and developmental challenges, so KARI’s Aboriginal Community Playgroup offers a support-based program with the help of a psychologist, speech pathologist and occupational therapist. All three are on-hand to address any concerns you might have about your child.

The many benefits to coming along include:

  • Receiving support for your child’s speech, language, motor skills, behaviour and overall learning.
  • Having your child’s development monitored by a multidisciplinary team.
  • Giving your child the opportunity to have free play, hear a story, participate in craft activities, as well as meet and interact with other children. Morning tea is also provided.

Transition to Kindergarten Support

The KARI Transition to Kindergarten Backpack program is coordinated via the distribution of a free resource pack supported in partnership with the Department of Communities & Justice (DCJ). The pack consists of a school bag and carefully selected, relevant resources to nurture skill development and further support the transition of Aboriginal youth into Kindergarten from home.

The program is also supported by a free, 10 part YouTube video series sharing practical ideas for parents, carers and young people to navigate their journey through the developmental early years into Kindergarten.

Hosted by celebrated Aboriginal television and film actor, Luke Carroll, Getting Ready for School – The Deadly Way is an exciting resource aimed at supporting and empowering our young people, and their families, to have the best start to their early school years.

KARI Community Unity Day

KARI Community Unity Day is a whole community event with the aim of bringing the Aboriginal community and non-Aboriginal community together in a day of cultural celebration and information share.

This one day, free event includes entertainment, a variety of food vendors, activities and rides for all in attendance. Partnering services and organisations within the local area are invited to attend by having a free information stall to promote their service and what they provide for the community.

KARI Fit Camp Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Program

The KARI Fit Camp has been developed to address the national issue of low activity, low exercise rates and poor diet amongst Aboriginal communities.

The objective of this program is to engage the Aboriginal community in regular exercise and to inform participants about healthy lifestyle alternatives through the promotion of better food and diet choices as well as provide regular health screening for the duration of the program.