Community Programs

KARI’s Indigenous community and capacity building programs are an integral part of what we do best. Our programs will not only entertain and educate but, more importantly, offer Aboriginal children a sense of belonging.

Whether your child aspires to sing like a lark or swim like a fish, KARI can help. From guitar lessons to rock climbing, Aboriginal art lessons and a debutante ball, KARI’s programs offer a range of activities and events.

Partnering with a range of Sydney-based organisations, KARI offers access to a variety of Indigenous community and capacity building experiences for youth. Designed to foster a holistic approach, our programs invite Indigenous youth to experience community and capacity building in action. This inspires personal confidence as well as interpersonal growth in all young people who take part.

Here, you will find more information about the following Indigenous community and capacity building programs and events:

  • Vacation Care
  • Aboriginal Art
  • Swimming
  • Music and Singing

Vacation Care

KARI knows the school holidays can be a tough time for families – organising activities for school-aged children can become a bit of a daily battle. That’s why our Indigenous community and capacity building team offer a vacation care program for Aboriginal children and young people in Sydney’s South West. With activities ranging from surfing and rock climbing, to bowling, movies, cultural and art programs, your children are sure to find something of interest.

This program is an opportunity for Aboriginal children to experience new activities and build relationships with other young Aboriginal people in their community. Parents are invited to book their child into one activity every school holidays.

Aboriginal Art

This program teaches local community members about Aboriginal art, both traditional and contemporary, while providing them with the skills to teach others. Tailored to suit everyone from student school groups to adult group classes, this program is taught by locally and internationally-renowned artists with the hope of increasing the artistic confidence of all who attend.


Parent and Bub’s Swimming Program

Aimed at Aboriginal children or infants aged 0-3 years, KARI’s free Parents and Bub’s Swimming Program has been developed to allow parents to engage in this swimming program with their children.

Held at the Michael Wenden Leisure Centre, these free swimming lessons allow each child or infant to be assessed in regards to water safety and swimming ability. Once they have reached a certain stage (e.g. closing their mouth when underwater), the instructor will move onto the next stage of teachings.

Learn to Swim Program

Aimed at Aboriginal children between the ages of 0-16 years, KARI’s Free Community Swim Group has been developed to increase water safety, confidence and to teach children how to be water wise.

Held at the Michael Wenden Aquatic Leisure Centre, the free swimming lessons offer children the chance to improve their health and fitness, increase their overall confidence and even learn how to save someone else’s life.

Music and Singing

Do you love singing or playing the guitar, but really can’t afford music lessons?

KARI’s Community and Capacity Building team has partnered with Blake Ralph Recording Studio and Songbird Vocals to give students with a passion for music the chance to receive free vocal or guitar lessons for a 12-month period.

Blake Ralph Recording Studio

A talented singer and songwriter who calls Moorebank home, Blake Ralph is committed to giving other young people the same opportunities he had while growing up. He offers singing and guitar lessons weekly during school term, and all resources are provided. All you’ll need to arrange is a lift to and from the studio.

Songbird Vocals

Songbird Vocals is owned and operated by Sarah Bertram, a gifted singer and songwriter based in Bankstown. Sarah has a passion for working with young people in her local community and firmly believes in equal opportunity for all of her students. Her studio is located in Panania and singing lessons are run weekly during school term, with all resources provided. Students in the program will need to make their own way to and from each lesson.

The Vocal Identification Program (VIP)

Operating in partnership with the NSW Department of Education, the VIP Program aims to seek out young Aboriginal singers from the local South West Sydney area, and provide them with unique opportunities to develop their performance skills. Those wishing to take part in the program need to fill out an application and take part in an audition, which will be held during term two of the school year.

For more information contact Cheryl Ralph on (02) 8782 0300.

Community and Capacity Building Expression of Interest

If you’re interested in any of the Community and Capacity Building programs listed on our website, please complete our expression of interest form and we’ll be in touch when these programs become available.

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Community Grants

KARI offers support to Aboriginal businesses, community development and sporting organisations. This support can be by way of a small KARI Community Grant, sponsorship or in-kind support.

The KARI Community Grants Program is designed to support and encourage local programs and initiatives. We support programs which offer cultural or new learning benefit to an individual, group or community. This funding is capped, time driven and subject to available resources.

Please note KARI Grants are:

  • One off initiatives
  • Assessed the last week of each month by the KARI Grants Committee
  • Applicants will know the status of their application by the first week of the following month
  • No Grants or Sponsorships will be assessed for individuals
  • Successful applications will be required to provide photos/videos and a short brief on their projects success

KARI Community Grants are currently closed. Please keep a look out on our social media networks for the next round of applications.